PFERD 1.0mm Thin Metal Cut Off Wheels – A new level of Extreme cutting performance from PFERD

Metal cut off wheels have an important role in industrial, trade and DIY applications. If you are working with metal you probably understand the importance of a good metal cutting wheel. However, If you thought all metal cut-off discs performed the same, think again. Buying a cheap wheel does not mean you are saving money. In fact, you will probably find a cheap wheel can be unsafe and more costly when compared to a PFERD wheel. Why you ask? Simple Performance.

Cut-off wheels can be very dangerous and even fatal if used incorrectly. These wheels on an angle grinder spin at over 200 kilometers per hour. Don’t place yourself or your workers at risk with cheap unsafe wheels. PFERD safe use of abrasives.

Workers need cutting wheels they can rely on, ones that meet Australian standards. The new and improved PFERD 1mm cut-off range performs and lasts much longer. Leading to fewer wheel changes, less downtime, and more cuts. Other advantages include reduced burr formation and less material wastage. Ultimately saving you time and money. The increase in performance makes PFERD thin cutting wheels much cheaper to use overall. Providing real PFERDVALUE.

These wheels are perfect for cutting INOX stainless steel and mild steel. The best way to describe the PFERD 1.0mm cut-off wheels is “Xtreme cutting performance”. These cut off wheels are available in a range of sizes and thickness including the popular 105mm (4”), 115mm (4.5”) & 125mm (5”).