Karnasch Professional Tools is the manufacturer of high-performance tools for metal processing in the premium sector. More than 55 years of experience contribute to Karnasch Professional Tools repeatedly appearing as a pioneer in the introduction of new products and techniques and being a leader in several areas, e.g. high-precision tool technology (micro-tools), core drills, circular saws, rotary cutter technique or in the dental tool area. Consistently progressing optimisations of our tools are the basis of our growing success.

  • Tool and mould construction
  • Aviation and aerospace technology
  • Automotive industr
  • Ship construction industry
  • Railway construction
  • Construction industry, steel and bridge construction
  • aluminium processing (NF-metals)
  • Wood processing
  • Plastic processing
  • Metal fabrication


  • Karnasch Professional Tools offers a complete range of high-performance high-quality products for all main areas of the industry from a single source.
  • Only the latest available technologies are used for the production of tools, with comprehensive quality assurance of every single tool by default. Karnasch Professional Tools has state-of-the-art CNC production facilities, the latest coating technology and reaches the smallest production tolerances.
  • This enables us to offer perfectly process-safe tools at the best quality level.
  • The continuous further and new development of optimised tools, specifically regarding new technical challenges, is at the focus.