Cigweld W1005255 Transmig 255i Power Pack 3 in1 Mig Stick Tig Multi Process 10-255amp 240volt 15amp

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The CIGWELD Transmig 255i is a self contained single phase multiprocess welding inverter with digital voltage and amperage meters, that is capable of performing MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW) and Lift TIG (GTAW) welding processes. It is ideal for welding plate thicknesses between 0.8mm and 12mm with a range of wires from 0.6mm-1.2mm (solid), and has the added benefit of running the Tweco SGT250 Spool Gun for the convenience of your precision aluminium work.
The Transmig 255i is equipped with an integrated wire feed unit to fit 300mm spools whilst being compliant to Australian Standard AS 60974.1-2006. It is ideal for indoor/outdoor use with an enclosure rating of IP23S.
The 255i can be upgraded with a 25 Amp plug and 4mm2 supply lead which increases your duty cycle so you can run it harder for longer.
Ideal for onsite repairs and maintenance, medium industrial workshops, car panel repairs or serious welders that want a single phase inverter they can plug in and use around their own home workshop.

Adjustable Inductance
Adjustable Burnback
2T/4T Trigger Mode
Hot Start & Anti-Stick (Stick)
Down Slope (TIG)
Adjustable Arc Force (Stick)
VRD (Stick)
Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Fan on Demand
Spool Gun Compatible (Tweco SGT 250)
Transmig 255i Inverter Power Source (27kg)
Tweco Professional Fusion 250 MIG Torch, 3m
COMET Professional Argon regulator/flowmeter
Feed Rolls: 0.9/1.2mm “V” groove (fitted), 0.6/0.8mm “V” groove, 0.9/1.0mm (U) groove, 0.8/0.9mm “V” knurled
Contact Tips: 0.9mm (fitted), 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm
Twistlock Electrode Holder with 4m lead
Work Clamp with 4m Lead
Shielding Gas Hose Assembly
Operating Manual

Cigweld W1005255 Transmig 255i Power Pack 3 in1 Mig Stick Tig Multi Process 10-255amp 240volt 15amp
(W1005255) Transmig 255i Plant, 10-255A, MIG, TIG, Stick, 240V/15A
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