Karnasch KA40 Sensor Hole Cutting Machine

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Thanks to “HEAVY-DUTY”
Twin Rail Slide System easily
110 mm cutting depth possible.
Motor Power Watts 1100
Tool holder Directly Weldon 19 mm (3/4″)
Coolant supply Internal, automatically
Stroke 170 mm/ 6.5/8″
Voltage 230 Volts / 110 Volts
Magnetic adhesion 1100 kg/ 2425 lb
Magnetic foot 85 x 170 mm Fixed
Weight 11,50 kg/ 25,00 lb
Advantages of New Twin Rail Slide System “HEAVY-DUTY” over machines with old dovetail system.
Up to 10 times better stability.
Extremely tight tolerances of the slide through the round Twin Rail system.
The slide has no contact with the main body of the machine. The whole construction is
connected only by the highly precise and extremely stable rail system.
Reduced friction / less wear
Low maintenance / better reliability
Improved cutter life
Reduced cutter breakage
Improved hole tolerances
Improved hole surface quality
Up to 110 mm cutting depth possible already with small machines

The sensor detects how well the magnet keeps the machine on the ground.
It is directly connected to the engine.
If the sensor is illuminating “RED” , the ground is dirty (rust, varnish residues, chips), the material is thinner than 6 mm or the feed rate is to high.
The machine does not have a safe stand. The engine does not start or turns off.
If the sensor is illuminating “GREEN”, the magnetic holding force is optimal and the use of the machine is safe.

Weight 11.5000 kg
Dimensions 12 × 28 × 51 m