Magmaweld GP Electrodes 10 x 2.5mm & 5 x 3.2mm Handy Pack

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General-purpose electrode for structural steelwork, workshop and maintenance welding. Easily operated in positional welding,
including vertically-down. Good gap-bridging. Possible to use equally well both with AC and DC.
Smooth arc, well suited for tack-welding due to it’s easy arc striking and restriking properties.
Welds are smooth, slightly concave and blending into base metal without undercutting.
Slag is self-releasing in most cases. Suitable for welding on galvanized, primer painted and slightly rusted components.
• All Position
• Extremely Stable Arc
• Good Arc Starting and Restrike
• Self Releasing Slag
• Low Spatter Level
• Good Weld Bead Appearance
• International Approvals
AWS SFA A-5.1 E6013 • AWS/ASME SFA-5.1 E6013 • DIN 1913 E43 22 R(C)3

Weight 0.5600 kg
Dimensions 41 × 11 × 0.8 cm

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