Magmaweld Hard Facing Electrodes 10 x 3.2mm Handy Pack AWS/ASME SFA 5.13 E Fe Cr- A2

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Heavy coated, high recovery (235%) hardfacing electrode, depositing evenly distributed Cr, B carbides in austenitic stainless steel matrix.
Suitable for hardfacing of parts subjected to heavy abrasion with moderate impact. Required hardness and abrasion resistance can be obtained in the first layer even on low alloy steels.
The hardfacing layers have a very smooth surface and machinable only by grinding. Suitable to use in excavator teeth, leading edges of excavator buckets, mixer blades, gravel pumps, conveyor worn-screws, conveyor belts.
Possible to use with both DC and AC.
• Heavy Abrasion Moderate Impact
• Non Machinable, Grind Only
• Chrome Carbides in Stainless Matrix
• Easy Strike and Restrike
• Very Smooth Weld Deposit
• High Recovery 235%
AWS/ASME SFA 5.13 E Fe Cr- A2 • DIN 8555 E 10 UM 65 GRZ

Weight 0.5600 kg
Dimensions 41 × 11 × 0.8 m