Cigweld BlueJet Butane 220g Cylinder 4 Pack

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The Butane Fuel Cell is great for most light soldering and hospitality applications. It’s also suitable for most butane powered burners and camping stoves.

The Butane Fuel Cell is part of our new CIGWELD BlueJet Range. Boasting ergonomic handling and high heat transfers, the CIGWELD BlueJet range offers a complete set of hand held fuel torches and fuel cells to suit soldering, brazing and heating applications!

The best of all, our BlueJet Range makes it really easy for you to pick the best torch and fuel cell for your application. We’ve set up an easy-to-use Pick & Mix chart!

Use this Pick & Mix chart to easily look up the application you need your torch for.

Then match your application to the corresponding fuel and a flame type.

As you can see in the Pick & Mix Chart, the Butane Fuel Cell suits the following BlueJet torch:

JET413 Concentrated Flame

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