Cigweld Transmig 355i Compact Plant, 20-355A, MIG, TIG & Stick, 415V/18A

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CIGWELD’s Transmig 355i is a powerful 3phase 3in1 Multi-Process inverter that operates at 355A@60% Duty Cycle and offers exceptional welding results across MIG, STICK and TIG, and the added convenience of CIGWELD’s AUTO SET MIG feature for optimal plate thickness control.

The AUTO SET MIG Process has been pre-programmed with synergic lines determined by material type, plate thickness and consumable diameter reduce your setup time and ensures you are always getting the best from your welds.

The Transmig 355i has an easy-to-use push-button design, convenient memory storage, and is loaded with advanced features to ensure you can always customise your welds.
And best of all you can operate it as a compact inverter or with a remote 4RX feeder^

^Compact Plant (W1003511) or Remote Plant with Transmig 4RX wirefeeder (W1003510)

Superior arc characteristics and duty cycle
Smooth, stable arc performance at 355A @ 60%.
Push Pull Gun Compatible
Transmig 355i is compatible with the CIGWELD TBI Push Pull Torch (#185P958180) with Sync Box (#590P958000).
Spool Gun Compatible
Transmig 355i is compatible with the Tweco SGT250 Spool Gun (#W4011250)
Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)
Built in as standard
Generator Compliant
Power Input
3 PHASE 415V
Robust Design
IP23S designed for heavy duty fabrication
Flexible Remote or Local Configurations
With the added benefit of operating both as a compact inverter in Local mode, or remotely with the TransMig 4RX Remote Wire Feeder (#W3000410).
4 Roll Feeder
Driven by a robust 4 Roll drive system to ensure smooth wire feedability
Memory Push Button
Easy access memory to store up to 15 of your favourite welds
Gas Purge / Wire Inch Push Buttons
Easy access push buttons to either purge shielding gas through the torch, or feed wire without wasting shielding gas.
User Friendly
Simple to use push button design
Adjustable Advanced Features
Burnback, Inductance, 2T/4T, Spot/Stitch Weld, Pre/Post Flow, Crater Fill, Crater Current, Crater Volts, Run In, Creep Feed & Down Slope.
Auto Set Plate Thickness Control
Pre-programmed with synergic lines determined by material type, plate thickness and consumable diameter
Heat Trim Control
Allows the user to customise and tweak their voltage for optimal performance when in AUTO SET MIG mode.
3 IN 1 Multi-Process
A true multi-process machine offering outstanding welding results across MIG, Stick TIG.
Auto Set Process
Auto Set parameters for MIG.
Determined by material type, thickness & consumable diameter.
Current Range
Current range for this Power Source is 30 to 355A (MIG Mode) of DC Welding Output.
Heat Trim
Customisable Heat Trim Function allows user to tweak voltage for optimal performance (in AUTO SET MIG only).
Push Button Interface
Simple Push button display for easy navigation.
MIG (GMAW/FCAW) 355A @ 60%
0.6-1.2mm: Solid Wires & 0.8-2.0mm: Gasless Wires. 0.9-1.2mm: Aluminium Wires.
0.9-1.2mm: Stainless Steel Wires.
0.8-1.2mm: Silicon Bronze Wires.
STICK (MMAW) 355A @ 60%
Power Source suitable for 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4mm and 5mm electrode sizes.
TIG (GTAW) 355A @ 60%
Lift TIG function provides smooth starting and running characteristics across varying applications.
Arc Control
Variable inductance for softer arc and less spatter or stronger arc and increased penetration.
Euro Torch Connection
3 Year Limited Warranty*
*Refer to the operating manual for further details.

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Dimensions 55.3 × 28.7 × 115.3 m