Esab Warrior 400i CC/CV CE 380-415v & 304W Wire Feeder Air Cooled PKG

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The ESAB Warrior 400i brings the outstanding arc performance and energy savings you expect from an inverter. Along with increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit, Warrior provides the simple functionality welders want at a competitive price.

Perfect for long runs across a variety of applications and delivers 400amps @ 60% Duty Cycle. Warrior has been designed to be durable and rugged, with an IP23 rating for outdoor and indoor use in the rough environment.
With an easy-to-use, clear and intuitive user interface for everyone to get started quickly, including glove-friendly knobs make adjustments quick and easy.

UNRIVALED PORTABILITY. Robust Feed Pro – OS has three comfortable handles (all are crane certified) and two additional lifting points for best-in-class portability and maneuverability, making it easy to lift and carry through confined spaces and around obstacles. Rounded edges and special high durability wear surfaces let you drag it anywhere without catching on other objects. The optional flat and vertical wheel kits and trolley integration allow for even greater mobility. The new design can handle power source cables up to 90 metres long, so you will always get to where you need to weld – in the shop or the field.

UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE. The new precisely crafted aluminium drive stand feeds solid wire up to 2.0mm and cored up to 2.4mm at speeds of 0.8–25.0m/min. When changing the spool, you can feed the new wire without opening the drive stand. When it comes to power, Robust Feed Pro – OS easily handles 550A at 50% duty cycle, 500A at 60% duty cycle, and 400 A at 100%, enabling productivity that few other portable feeders can.

Package Includes:
• Warrior 400i CC/CV – 0465 350 886
• Robust Feed Pro – OS – 0445 800 883
• Trolley (Robust Feed/Warrior Feed) – 0349 313 450
• INTERCONN SET 10m/A 70m – 0459 836 882
• Interconnection Strain Relief Kit – 0446 050 880
• Tweco No.4 with Euro Connection, 4.5m – OTWX415/3545
• REG CMT 250 ARG 55LPM 2 – 201017
• KIT CONN 5/8UNRH-5MM HO – 308689

Technical Data
• Mains Supply, VAC, 3 ph 50/60Hz 380-400-415, +/-10%
• Mains cable, Ø mm2 4×6
• Fuse, Motor Start Type or Circuit Breaker Type C, A 20
• Maximum Load 100% duty cycle A/V, 3ph: 300/32 | 60% duty cycle A/V, 3ph: 400/36
• Current Range MIG/FCAW: 16-400A | Stick (MMAW): 16-400A | TIG: 5-400A
• Open Circuit Voltage 56V
• Idle Power 120W
• Efficiency at Max. Current 88%
• Enclosure class IP23
• Operating Temperature -10 to +40°C
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Input Voltage 42 VAC
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Welding Output 550A @ 50%, 500A @ 60%, 400A @ 100%
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Wire Dimensions Mild Steel: 0.6-2.0mm Stainless Steel: 0.6-1.6mm Cored Wire: 0.9-2.4mm Aluminium: 0.9-1.6mm
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Wire Feed Speed 0.8-25.0 m/min
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Wire Spool Capacity 20kg
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Max Spool Diameter 300mm
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Protection Class IP44
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Certification Mark (standards) CE
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Dimensions 595L x 250W x 430H mm
• Robust Feed Pro – OS: Weight 16.8kg

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