Karnasch Core Drill Short Blue 30mm

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Karnasch Blue Line core drill 30 mm depth of cut with universal shank (19 mm shank)

The Karnasch durable coating is designed for longer tool life and to be used in tougher materials and application.

Blue-Line is the most commonly used Karnasch cutter. This is HSS-XE cutter is offering the best price-performance ratio for all steels up to 1100 N and stainless steel.

Weight 0.0800 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm
Core Drill Blue Line 30mm

201312N012 – 12*30mm Short Blue, 201312N013 – 13*30mm Short Blue, 201312N014 – 14*30mm Short Blue, 201312N015 – 15*30mm Short Blue, 201312N016 – 16*30mm Short Blue, 201312N017 – 17*30mm Short Blue, 201312N018 – 18*30mm Short Blue, 201312N019 – 19*30mm Short Blue, 201312N020 – 20*30mm Short Blue, 201312N021 – 21*30mm Short Blue, 201312N022 – 22*30mm Short Blue, 201312N023 – 23*30mm Short Blue, 201312N024 – 24*30mm Short Blue, 201312N025 – 25*30mm Short Blue, 201312N026 – 26*30mm Short Blue, 201312N027 – 27*30mm Short Blue, 201312N028 – 28*30mm Short Blue, 201312N029 – 29*30mm Short Blue, 201312N030 – 30*30mm Short Blue, 201312N031 – 31*30mm Short Blue, 201312N032 – 32*30mm Short Blue

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