Lorch TF-PRO 300 AC/DC Tig, WC Control Pro (Cold Feed)

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Excellent TIG welding properties using inverter technology
The inverters convince with their high performance and their particularly good welding properties, as the digital regulation technique of the software has a decisive influence on the welding result. The database for experts

SmartBase provides the optimal arc
SmartBase is Lorch’s expert database for arc control. You can change the parameter settings yourself, so you can freely enjoy precision correction.

Pulsing and Fastpuls up to 2 kHz
The built-in pulse function as standard up to 2 kHz gives you additional benefits when processing thin weld sheets.

With TipTronic you will save the perfect settings for each bead, so you can easily refer to them one after the other with the Up-Down or Powermaster torch for repetitive welding tasks.

Electrode welding function Electrode
welding with Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation: The automatic hotstart facilitates a perfect ignition, the anti-stick system reliably prevents electrode sticking and the Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process on difficult electrodes.

torch distance
Often times, working conditions do not allow welding equipment to be located directly next to the welder. However, to be able to intervene in the welding process and to be able to adapt the welding current, the remote control is a very useful option. For this reason, the Lorch T-series offers various foot and manual remote controls, which thanks to the “plug & play” function can be used immediately.

Mobile with integrated water cooling
The Lorch TF-Pro 300 integrates water cooling into a compact mobile housing making it perfect for mobile use in the workshop.

DC to AC switching
The T series is available in all power versions as DC and AC / DC versions offering maximum flexibility.

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