Pferd Mounted Point Cylindrical 6mm Aluminium Oxide Mix ADW - Brown - L Hardness ZY5025 6 ADW 24 L 6 B - Resinoid Bond 31332742

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Application examples:
Grinding of fillet welds on high-grade steel components
Removal of burrs on moulded high-temperature-resistant alloys
Removal of burrs on cast stainless steel parts
Grinding of chamfers in preparation for welding of stainless steel profiles
Recommendations for use:
Mounted points of hardness N achieve their best performance at a cutting speed of 35 to 50 m/s
Flexible shafts, electric grinders and airpowered straight grinders are suitable as tool drives

Weight 0.1600 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 5 m