Austmig Safra 5356 Aluminium Mig Wire 1.2mm

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Recognised as the highest quality aluminium welding wire. Precision layer wound & double diamond shaved for superior feedability. Applications include construction of ships, storage tanks & in the automotive industry.
Clearly the professionals choice.

AWS Specification
5.10 ER5356
Industry Specification
5.10 ER5356

Precision Layer wound, Double Diamond shaved wire
Excellent feedability and Arc control
Very high quality welds
Suitable for a range of Aluminium materials

Welding Positions
All positions

General Aluminium fabrication and repairs
Bullbars and Rollbars
Boat building
Welding of many Aluminium alloys

Weight 1.0000 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 m