Speedglas™ Welding Helmet G5-02 with Curved Welding Filter, Headband, Cleaning Wipe & Bag

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Speedglas, Number 1 in Welding PPE:
Speedglas released the first auto-darkening welding helmet ever and continues to set the benchmark in professional welding helmet technology.

Welding Equipment Made in Sweden:
All Speedglas welding helmets are made in Sweden with every lens still checked by hand.

Advanced Speedglas True-View:
Speedglas G5-02 features upgraded advanced True-View optics, making what you see through the welding lens, in both the light and dark state, appear lighter, more detailed and more colourful than ever before.

Largest Welding Mask Viewing Area Available:
The huge Speedglas G5-02 curved welding lens gives you a field of vision that is 100% wider than any other Speedglas lens.

The World’s First Curved Auto-Darkening Lens:
New 3M™ Speedglas™ Curved Glass Technology follows the shape of your head to maximise your natural range of vision.

Crystal Clear Vision:
With a light shade of just 2.5, the Speedglas G5-02 features the clearest Speedglas light state ever. A more realistic view enables better control over your arc.

Unrivalled Arc Detection and Switching:
Welding lens photo-sensors capable of detecting an arc down to an industry-leading 1 amp for TIG applications.

Suitable for Multiple Welding Applications:
With shades 2.5, 8-12 suitable for MMAW, MIG/MAG, TIG and low amp TIG welding.

With Auto-On your welding helmet is instantly ready to weld; programmed to your last used welding setting.

Bluetooth Connectivity:
New Bluetooth technology lets you select shades, switch between memory modes, and view your welding statistics – all from your compatible smartphone.
Set and Forget: a welding helmet that remembers you
Pre-set your most frequently used welding settings and switch between them to suit your environment.

Aerodynamic Exhaust Vents:
Welding hood vents remove exhaled air, keeping you cooler and your welding lens fog-free.

Super Lightweight and Streamlined:
At just 535 grams and with a curved welding lens, the Speedglas G5-02 Welding Helmet is slimmer, lighter, and super comfortable for all day wear.

Magnification Lens:
The Speedglas G5-02 welding lens allows for easy placement of a curved magnifying lens for welding.

Speedglas Welding PPE is a long-term investment:
The Speedglas G5-02 lens has a custom designed multi-function programmed logic chip that minimises the number of discrete surface-mounted components; leading to improved reliability and longevity.

Industry Leading Warranty Protection:
Speedglas G5-02 features a revolving 3-year warranty. Experience a problem with the helmet in the first three years and your 3-year warranty protection starts again. Speedglas helmets are built to last.

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