Trade Tested TT350 Electronic Welding Helmet 4 Sensor Flip Front Standard Lens

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The Trade Tested, TT350 is a premium quality, wide view, lift front, electronic welding helmet with a superior variable shade, high definition true colour lens.
This highly versatile Australian and New Zealand Standards compliant, industrial grade helmet is suitable for a wide range of general welding industry applications.

■ Versatile, Lift Front Design for a wide range of Welding, Plasma Cutting, Gouging and Grinding applications.
The perfect allrounder.
■ True Color, High Definition Premium Optics with a Large Viewing Area for superior visibility to get the job done
■ Premium Head Harness for superior comfort and a tailored fit
■ Fully Adjustable, Variable Shade, Dual Range 9-13, 5-9 and Grind mode with sensitivity and delay for personal optimisation
■ Dependable, Solar cell with dual replaceable battery backup for guaranteed optimum performance that won’t let you down
■ 4 Sensors for reliable arc detection and switching even with low welding outputs
■ High Impacted Rated for use with grinding and hand tools.
■ Magnification Lens Holder for magnifying lenses to increase visibility
■ Australian / New Zealand Standards Compliant:
AS/NZS 1338.1 (Eye Protection);
AS/NZS 1337.1 (High Impact Face Protection)
for superior safety and protection
■ 2 Year Industrial Warranty for piece of mind

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