Weldskill 0.8mm x 0.9kg Mild Steel Solid Mig Wire ER70S-6

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WeldSkill precision layer wound solid wires are copper-coated steel wires for all positional GMA (Gas Metal Arc) welding of mild and low allow steels.
They are suitable for use with Argon-Based or CO shield gases. Available in an assortment of mini spools and handi-spools, these wires are ideal for the hobbyist, tradesman or for DIY projects.

•Copper coated steel wire for GMA Welding
•Use with CO and Argon based shielding gases
•Range of minispools and handispools packaging options
•Suitable for the positional Gas Metal Arc Welding(GMAW of mild and low alloy steels, used in general fabrication and structural work

Voltage Range(Volts) 12-14
Wire feed Speed (Metres/min) 3.5-14
Current Range(amps) 35 – 100

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Weight 0.9000 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 m